Updating all tables in a microsoft access database using dreamweaver

-- drop trigger secure_employees; This section of the tutorial shows how to use the PHP OCI8 extension directly with Oracle Database.

Using the OCI8 extension directly gives programmers maximum control over application performance.

But when I try the same thing from a "hidden" field, the database field is ...

"INSERT INTO one_tbl (id, hotel_name, street) VALUES('', '".$hotel Name."', '".$street."',)";"INSERT INTO two_tbl (games_id, hotel_name, roulette,) VALUES('', '".$games_id."', '".$hotel_name."', '".$bj."')";"INSERT INTO three_tbl (rest_id, hotel_name, rest_name1,) VALUES('".$rest_id."', '".$hotel_name."', '".$rest1."')"; What I would like to do is get all the data from a form and post it in multiple tables but still refer to the entry as a whole. A hotel and casino, the first table would be the details of the company, the second table would be the games they offer and the third table would be the restaurants in the casino.

For example, in a table called tbl_customers, you might expect to find fields for first name, address, city, state, postal code, phone number, and so on.But in contemporary use, the term database generally means a lot morecertainly in the case of Microsoft Access or an enterprise-level database system, such as Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle. The RDBMS model was developed in the 1970s and 1980s to enable database managers to store data in a way that reflected relationships between different types of data.We'll return to the idea of relationships momentarily, but first you should understand the objects that make up databases.Due to its widespread availability and flexible functionality, Microsoft Access 2010 is still a popular database software in use today.Access 2010 introduced a version of the ACCDB file format that supported Share Point, which allowed support for the Mac through a browser for the first time.

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