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The regulation of marriage celebrants in Australia is administered by the Attorney-General's Department.

Includes information on the Marriage Celebrants Program, ongoing professional development, and legislation.

The state and territory births, deaths and marriages registry offices provide information on the legal requirements for marriage.

Provides links to state and territory information on marriage and relationships.

In many cases, Maine law also allows sex between persons under 16 (but older than 14) as long as they are close to the same age.

As long as the age difference between the parties is less than 5 years, there is usually no problem.

The rights and protection of children are governed by both Federal and state and territory law.

Persons below the age of eighteen are generally considered children.

In all other places the age of consent is equal, regardless of sexual orientation or gender.The age of sexual consent in Maine is 16 years old.This applies to both heterosexual and homosexual conduct.Children may be able to give consent to medical procedures where they are either over a statutory age (fourteen to sixteen depending on the jurisdiction), or, of sufficient maturity that they are able to comprehend the procedure and give informed consent.Children below the age of ten are unable to be charged with a criminal offense and children between the ages of ten to fourteen have a refutable presumption that they are incapable of forming the necessary criminal intent for an offense.

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