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Exception to the rule is the lead-off single and opening cut "What You Got," which features label boss Akon as producer and guest vocalist plus an inescapable hook that sounds close to Mario Winans' "I Don't Wanna Know." With Akon handling most of the production and leaving the rest to Colby they're both overstretched, something that wouldn't be as obvious if this 15-track effort ran ten and mercifully chopped, starting with the clumsy "Under My Nose" or the misguided Paul Wall team-up "She Wanna Go." The irony of choosing Lil' Romeo for "they don't want us together" number "Take You Away" was probably missed by this crowd but the tween set won't mind any of this.They'll find Colby's swagger, his slang dropping, and his smooth voice all very exciting and his hair gel perfectly applied.American Grammy-nominated pop and R&B singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer and actor.

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Besides cool crooner Colby's excessive use of the world "girl" in the boy band style, his voice is limited, or at the very least not challenged as it glides over one slick R&B production after another, all well executed but rarely memorable.

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