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Summoned by the actors she directed in “Chapter Two,” Marsha Mason approached the stage applauding and in tears.

Those tears were of delight and gratitude, as the Bucks County Playhouse cast made Neil Simon’s 1977 play about a widower and a divorcee embarking on a second marriage seem fresh and poignant.

Mason’s meticulous and moving production was especially well served by lead actress Anastasia Griffith who has the daunting task of playing a character modelled after Marsha Mason in a piece that earned Mason a 1979 Oscar nomination and now was being directed by Marsha Mason.

Talk about a cause for anxiety or self-consciousness!

“I was doing a scene where my ex-military boyfriend gets in a fight, and it was scripted that I just stand there … I pulled one actor off of another and they loved it.

They said, ‘Keep doing it.’ We did it 12 times and I didn’t realize on the first take I broke my finger.” A finger mishap always makes for good TV of course, especially when you don’t lie about it.

(Do you think you’d survive after falling so far inside a Jeep Cherokee Classic?

“Saturday Night Live” posted several promotional videos to advertise her hosting this weekend’s show, and the first mocks her behavior on the Oscars red carpet last Sunday.

The ribbing is well deserved, and it’s nice that Johnson can be in the joke.

It doesn’t make a difference whether she had them or not.

On stage, as Jennie Malone, Griffith was extraordinary. A widowed novelist, George Schneider, is seeking someone who can give him first-hand background for a book he’s writing.

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